Build the Next Generation Retail 
with RewardsPlus

The retail industry of post-pandemic is entirely different. It is more about the experience 
than the transaction.We bring together everything that’s required to build Retail 2.0

Tech Solutions

Technology that allows you to reach out to millennial customers in the most effective way possible.

APPs & Web-Application

The RewardsPlus platform assists you in developing an advanced ecommerce solution. It is based on cutting-edge technology, whether mobile apps (Apps) or progressive online applications (PWA). When customers contact your business online, they will be thrilled by an easy user interface and a great customer experience.

API Integration

The RewardsPlus platform as a whole is based on microservices. This makes firms more adaptable and nimble. Simple API connection allows your business to grow more quickly and makes it available everywhere.

WhatsApp Commerce

RewardsPlus will transform your WhatsApp into a support and sales channel, allowing your customers to discover and buy your items anywhere and anytime. With WhatsApp API, you can stay in touch with your consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Elastic Search

The importance of search in checkout conversion cannot be overstated. Intuitive Product Discovery may boost your online business by 30%.

ElasticSearch implementation is complex and expensive. However, the developers at RewardsPlus made it simple for all of you. Enjoy the benefits of our hard work.

Payment Integration

RewardsPlus has a unique legacy of allowing its clients complete discretion in selecting the appropriate payment partners.


Platform Solutions

Retail 2.0 has undergone a revolution thanks to the RewardsPlus platform.

Point of Sale

We developed a Point of Sale that is both simple and effective. It has a variety of analytical tools that make it simple for you to make business decisions.

Because RewardsPlus POS is cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere in the globe and monitor your store's real-time activity.

RewardsPlus Shop

When you add a company to RewardsPlus Platform, thousands of RewardsPlus users are instantly notified.

RewardsPlus Vision

The RewardsPlus Vision app is a proprietary tool that allows your in-store consumers to see product prices as well as offers and discounts straight from the store's isles.

It enhances the customer's experience while easing the pressure on sales executives.


Brand Solutions

Customers increasingly demand the same experience in retail stores, on your website, in customer support, and at every other touchpoint in your business.


The logo of a company serves as its identity. In most situations, businesses virtually completely disregard it while planning their operations. Brand may have a significant influence on your bottom line by providing you with a competitive advantage over your competitors and assisting you in acquiring and retaining consumers at a far lower cost.

At RewardsPlus, we create unique logos in accordance with the guiding principles of the companies we work with.

Store Designing

It is critical to have an uniform design principle for customers at every touch point while providing an omni channel experience.

RewardsPlus' designers and architects do the same for you. We collaborate closely with the business owner to create beautiful storefronts that are in line with the essence of the business.


Sales & Marketing Solutions

Retail 2.0 needs a sales and marketing team that is not only knowledgeable in their field but also technologically savvy.

Marketing Campaign

The RewardsPlus team conceptualises and implements a marketing strategy for businesses that is aligned with their company goals.

We have shown our abilities several times. In the last one year, we have carried out 1000s of marketing campaigns for stores that we manage both physically and online.

Digital Marketing

Social media is no longer simply a tool for broadcasting material. Today, it is increasingly important to provide effective content that can drive visitors and revenue. The goal is to fully utilise these channels with constructive marketing techniques that can help your business succeed.

We examine your social media presence, as well as your brand, rivals, and industry, in order to create actionable insights for your organisation.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

RewardsPlus marketers can help you establish a Pay Per Click plan. We focus on cutting PPC expenses while improving conversion rates.

Sales Executives

RewardsPlus's talent academy prepares sales executives to fulfil the needs of offline retailers. We deploy our skilled staff members to the businesses we manage.


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Brand Central

At RewardsPlus Brand Central we encourage you to start your own business in the field of Retail. We provide complete hand holding in establishing the business.

Waiting to start a new business. RewardsPlus offers you a golden opportunity with Erica’s Bakery. As India progresses toward middle-income status, individuals will shift from purchasing sweets to purchasing more upscale things such as bakery and confectionery.

Become the franchisee of Erica’s Bakery and start meaning. We provide maximum support and highest margin in the industry.

Seamless Onboarding
Highest ROI
Fastest Payback
Low Investment
Inventory Support
Customer Support

In & Out by RewardsPlus

India is one of the fastest growing major economies in the world. It is widely believed that consumers' buying power is going to increase significantly. In & Out by RewardsPlus gives you the chance to be a part of this growth story. Begin your retail business and maximise your return on investment. In & Out by rewardsPlus provides all of the necessary assistance to establish a successful franchise store while giving you the freedom to operate it in any way you see convenient. We at In & Out by RewardsPlus help franchise owners run their stores more efficiently.

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